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Ryan LARC Program

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Survey Link:  http://j.mp/2dIa7dh

Program Administrator:  Becca Medina, extension 2-3392


Quick Links/Resources: 


How to Access Free LARC for your Patient


1.  Be a learner   (i.e.: nursing student, med student, resident, fellow with an attending) 

  • This program is designed to give learners exposure to LARC insertion training, and to provide LARC access to underserved women.
  • If you are an attending without a learner, or a fellow working without an attending (aka an attending), your patient regrettably does not qualify for this program


2.  Make sure your patient is eligible for a Free Ryan LARC.

  • She must be <10 weeks post-partum, post-abortion, or be a medically- or socially- complex patient (see chart)
  • She must have a self-reported (no documentation required) annual household income that is under 300% of the current FPL (See chart)
  • She must be uninsured or underinsured (her insurance won’t cover LARC, or it will but the cost is prohibitive)


3.  Call to check inventory and to ensure someone is available to dispense your LARC.

  • Contact the LARC program administrator FIRST to make sure she/he is in the office.  See list above to find your contact.

  • Contact the administrator to determine whether the preferred LARC device is in inventory. 

  • No after-hours, weekends, etc.


4.  Complete the Data Collection Survey with your patient.

  • See list above to find the correct link for your clinic

  • Your administrator will receive an email confirming that you have completed the survey/request

  • The administrator cannot dispense a LARC without a completed survey

  • The survey cannot complete until every question is answered

  • Upon receipt of a completed survey, administrator will deliver the LARC to L&D and have the resident sign it out 


5.   What happens if my first insertion is unsuccessful?

  • Not a problem.  You may request another device.

  • BUT!  You must complete another survey.  Repeat Steps 3-6 above.

  • Answer yes when the survey asks whether you're requesting a replacement for a contaminated device.


The Ryan LARC Program provides the UNM Ryan Residency Training Programs site complimentary LARC for training purposes, in the form of Nexplanon, Liletta, ParaGard, and Mirena devices. The goals of the Ryan LARC Program are to increase training in the evidence‐based provision of LARC, and to decrease financial barriers to patients accessing LARC who are in the immediate or early post-abortion or post-partum period (≤10 weeks).


Each month, the UNM program is required to electronically report our site's LARC devise usage, complete patient eligibility and demographic data, and accurate inventory totals. Failure to submit timely and accurate inventory and data will result in probation and disenrollment from the Ryan program.  In completing this survey and in accepting a LARC device, you agree to comply with our inventory and data collection procedures.





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