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FP Fellows Home Page

Page history last edited by Sarina Ochoa 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the Family Planning Fellowship Home Page!

Below please find links to resources and information you will need throughout your fellowship.  




Fellowship Didactic Sessions


Training Videos

     Implant Removal Video (Pop-Out Method).mp4



 - Etonorgestrel Level Forms

          5-2014ENG letter cover _Espey_7.2.18.doc

          11-2015 Sample Collection and Processing Etonogestrel.doc

          20141121 ENG Sample Site Shipping Instructions v2 1_6.1.16.pdf      

          Etonogestrel assay.docx

          HCP blood draw disclosure from_8.19.16.docx

          Requisition Form Etonogestrel_2015 Nov 23_Sherry.doc

  - ABO Forms 

          NM Medicaid Counseling Consent Form.pdf

          NM Medicaid Medical Necessity for Termiantion.pdf

          Mifeprex Medication Guide.pdf

          Mifeprex Patient Agreement Form.pdf

          Spanish Mifeprex Medication Guide.pdf

          Spanish Mifeprex Patient Agreement Form.pdf


Aftercare D&C instruction sheet, miscarriage.pdf

Medical management of miscarriage instructions.pdf

Taking pills for miscarriage.pdf

When to call us for miscarriage.pdf

How much am I bleeding.pdf

Mifeprex Medication Guide.pdf

Mifeprex Patient Agreement Form.pdf 

Spanish Mifeprex Medication Guide.pdf

Spanish Mifeprex Patient Agreement Form.pdf


-Patient Care/Miscarriage



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