Ryan Curriculum Reading List

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Ryan Curriculum Reading List


Ryan Curriculum sessions are held *in person* Mondays at 7:00 am



*New* Ryan Curriculum



Module 1: an introduction to reproductive justice


Learning Objectives:

  • Define the concepts of health equity, justice, structural racism, reproductive oppression, and intersectionality.
  • Describe the theoretical framework of reproductive justice, and differentiate this from reproductive health and reproductive rights.
  • Summarize the history of injustices and reproductive oppression in obstetrics and gynecology as well as specifically in abortion and contraception care for marginalized communities, and understand how the legacy of reproductive oppression affects contemporary clinical care, research, and advocacy.
  • Consider how a reproductive justice framework would directly apply to your practice and how this framework could be operationalized in clinical care, research, and advocacy.


Required Assignments:




VIDEO presentations


 Supplemental Resources:






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  • Pages 46-47 only: https://www.protectchoice.org/downloads/Reproductive%20Justice%20Briefing%20Book.pdf
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Trending topics

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